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Compact low flying jet, intended for Mars Explorer
Submitted By MacDane on 09/08/25
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This model is still at being developed.
Changes will include a modified cockpit and new engines.
Click to see 3D view. Zoom in and out using the scrool wheel on your mouse.

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1 week - 14,368v
Posted 2009/08/25 - 17:31 GMT
loads of models have this on the warehouse but mine doesn't when i upload. how do you do it?
1 week - 17,200v
Posted 2009/08/25 - 18:03 GMT
The 3D image?
1 week - 14,368v
Posted 2009/08/25 - 23:42 GMT
1 week - 17,200v
Posted 2009/08/26 - 6:58 GMT
Isn't there a button in the top right corner of the preview image labeled "3D view"?
1 week - 14,368v
Posted 2009/08/26 - 17:20 GMT
That's wierd it was there this time maybe it js didn't load. Thnx anyway Maccy.
1 week - 17,200v
Posted 2009/08/26 - 19:32 GMT
You're welcome.
2 days - 5,729v
Posted 2009/08/30 - 14:06 GMT
One comment...
actually.... two.
No- three!
1) how big will it be? (in relation to existing things, I mean)
2) Won't the prong/wings will get caught in other vehicles/ the landscape? Maybe a way to spacebar them out?
3) VERY good! It looks consistent with past vehicles, and include stylish jet engines IN the wings! I like the fin on the cockpit :)
1 week - 17,200v
Posted 2009/08/30 - 14:13 GMT
  1. I think it should have about the same wing span as the buggy has when flying
  2. Well, if they get caught in stuff, you flew too close.... :O)
  3. And thanks a lot, but the fin will be moved and/ or reshaped in the next version
- MD

» Comment on Document Threaded Hybrid Flat 8 Comments

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